WAFU: Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet in Greenhills

You all know I have a penchant for Japanese cuisine. So when I received an invitation to try the Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet of WAFU Japanese Style Dining in Greenhills Shopping Center's New Gloria Maris Building, there was just no way I would decline, especially since this restaurant has been in my bucket list for quite some time now.
WAFU Japanese Style Dining Greenhills

WAFU is a Japanese fine dining restaurant which opened September of last year. Since it began its operations, I've already heard and read quite a number of raves about the place -- the very reason why I've long wanted to pay it a visit. From the outside, you can already tell that WAFU is a modern, high-end dining establishment. But when you step foot inside the restaurant, you'd be even more mesmerized as its huge space, high ceilings and lavish interiors greet you with overflowing doses of chic sophistication.

WAFU Interiors
This view will greet you as you enter WAFU.
WAFU Dining Area and Sushi Bar
You can choose to sit near the entrance, or near the sushi counter.
WAFU Lotus Tables
For a more intimate vibe, choose the lotus pod seating by the mezzanine.
Better call for reservation though as this is the most-requested spot.
As much as I wanted to sit either by the sushi counter (for a sushi fest) or in the lotus pods, I was in for a Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet for the night, so off I went to the second floor -- the teppanyaki area.

Wafu Teppanyaki 2nd Floor

There are six tables which can sit 7 up to 8 people in the teppanyaki area. There's also a private room should you want to enjoy your teppanyaki meal intimately. Now, if you're not familiar with teppanyaki-style dining, it's basically where you'll have to sit with a chef freshly cooking gustatory delights on an iron griddle right in front of you.

Chef Leslie Altura Cooking Teppanyaki

For WAFU's Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet, we enjoyed 12 courses of teppanyaki goodness cooked by Executive Sous Chef Leslie Altura. All the items on the Teppanyaki Omakase menu can be ordered again and again, hence the "buffet". However, you must first go through all the 12 courses, before you can order your favorites for the 2nd time.

1st Course: Miso Soup

01 Miso Soup

To start the teppanyaki experience, we were first served with miso soup. I liked that it had generous amount of seaweeds. However, I would've loved it if only there were more tofu in my bowl. Overall, it was a good teaser of what's to come.

Wafu Fried Rice

Along with the miso soup, we were also served with a bowl of Wafu Fried Rice. This is of course, cooked on the iron griddle by our table's chef. I only got to finish one bowl, but this also comes unlimited like all the other items on the Teppanyaki Omakase menu.

2nd Course: Wafu House Salad

02 Wafu House Salad

Next, we had a serving of salad in onion dressing with crispy salmon skin. Normally, I won't gush over just a plate of greens, but this was just so good! The leafy greens were fresh and slightly crisp, but it was the dressing which stole the spotlight. It had a nice balance of sweet, savory and tangy -- like a good oriental dressing but even better!

3rd Course: Tofu Steak

03 Tofu Steak

This serving of tofu steak officially started our chef's iron griddle-cooking session. Served with WAFU's special sweet and savory sauce, the tofu was velvety smooth and soft, but with a good bite. And although I'm not a crazy big fan of tofu, unlike the beau (who would definitely have 3rd, 4th and even 5th rounds of this), I can say that I enjoyed this.

4th Course: U.S. Hanger Steak

04 US Hanger Steak

Cooked on our table's consensus preference of medium rare doneness, this serving of U.S. hanger steak with shimeji mushrooms in wasabi-pepper sauce, was tender, succulent and had an interesting savory and refreshingly spicy flavor from the wasabi. This was also a really nice viand to the fried rice. Yum!

5th Course: Blue Marlin

Torching the Blue Marlin
Torching the blue marlin
05 Blue Marlin

As much as I liked the steak, it was easily overthrown when we had the blue marlin served with wasabi-mayo. Although I'm not a big fish eater (unless it's sashimi), I loved every bite off this fillet. The fish itself was juicy and soft yet firm. The wasabi-mayo also added an enjoyable cool and savory flavor. Seriously, I fell in love with this at first bite!

6th Course: Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken

06 Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken

To follow that superstar of a course was the best supporting dish, the teriyaki chicken. I'm honestly not a big fan of teriyaki anything, but this dish blew me away. Since it's sous vided, the chicken was kept moist, juicy and flavorful even on the inside. Chef Leslie also cooked it quickly as to make the skin crispy. Now, mix in the sweet and savory teriyaki sauce in the equation, and you'll get teriyaki chicken perfection.

7th Course: Grilled Salmon

07 Grilled Salmon

Now, forgive me for missing to take a photo of my grilled salmon serving. I was so busy capturing the cooking and torching action on Instagram that I forgot to snap a shot from my camera. But basically, the salmon fillet was grilled along with some spinach, then topped with torched sauce ana. I'm not sure what sauce ana is made of, but it was sweet, slightly savory and creamy which blended nicely with the juicy salmon.

8th Course: Ebi Tempura

08 Ebi Tempura

I was already starting to get full by this course, but the ebi tempura was a nice and light break from the more flavorful teppanyaki-cooked dishes. The batter was light and crisp, just like how I like my tempura. However, I can't deny that there's really nothing remarkable about this course, especially against all the previous dishes served.

9th Course: U.S. Tenderloin

09 US Tenderloin

After what I consider an intermission, we then had the U.S. tenderloin cooked Saikoro style. Don't be too intimated though. Saikoro style is just having the meat cut and cooked in cubes. Served with beansprouts, this plate of cubed tenderloin steak is tender and savory. It's not as enjoyable as the hanger steak, but it was a nice viand to the fried rice.

10th Course: Dorado Fish

10 Dorado Fish

The last teppanyaki item on the 12-course menu was the dorado fish, also known as mahi-mahi, drizzled with mango-onion salsa. Now, taste-wise, this fish course was good. I liked that the sweetness of the salsa complimented the fish. However, I had a problem appreciating the fish itself since it leaves a stinging feeling on the tongue.

11th Course: Sushi Sampler

11 Sushi Sampler

Next, we were served with 2 pieces of maki. I'm not sure which maki this is, but I have a hunch that this is the Hajime Roll with unagi, cucumber, tamago and avocado with special tsume sauce. I'm also unsure if you can order another round of sushi. I didn't dare order for second helpings anymore since I was already too full.

12th Course: Wafu Ice Cream

12 Wafu Ice Cream

To end our meal, we were served with WAFU's ice cream in mocha. As I mentioned, I was already full, but this serving got me going. I didn't stop taking spoonful after spoonful until everything's finished. It was that good! I'm no fan of mocha when it comes to ice cream flavors, but I was impressed that WAFU's is creamy, velvety and oh-so-flavorful.

WAFU Teppanyaki Omakase Promo
Promo is valid for lunch and dinner everyday until December 30, 2013.
I really enjoyed WAFU's Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet. Although of course, expect that every serving is of tasting portion. You can always order for 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th helpings should you find yourself still hungry. Drinks are inclusive as well.

Now, here's some good news! WAFU is currently celebrating its first anniversary. And as a treat to patrons and interested guests, they're currently offering the 12-Course Sit Down Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet at 50% off. That means, instead of paying P1,800 per person, you can now avail of this exciting and filling teppanyaki experience at P900.

To avail of the promo, just check and follow these mechanics at WAFU's page.
The guest must share this post, like WAFU's Facebook page and follow WAFU on Twitter and Instagram (WAFU Greenhills).

He/she must send WAFU Greenhills a private message through Facebook with TEPPANYAKI TREAT as subject, include a contact number and specify the exact date when he/she is going to visit WAFU for the Teppanyaki Treat. Also, send in all the names included in the group.

He/she must print out or take a screenshot of his/her private message and a proof that he/she has liked WAFU on Facebook and followed WAFU on Twitter and Instagram.


It has been a while since the first and last time I've had a teppanyaki experience. And while it wasn't as bongga as what I had at Yurakuen, I can still say that my experience with WAFU's Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet is a good one. There were dishes that really stood out, and the 12 courses were overall very filling. In addition, the place has a fancy interior which can easily impress your picky family, your client, and even your date. So if you're meeting someone important, or if you're celebrating a special occasion, do try WAFU especially its teppanyaki. Next time I visit WAFU though, I'd love to dine a la carte!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 5/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

WAFU, Greenhills
W-1F New Gloria Maris Bldg.,
Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 351-1219
Facebook Page


  1. Price is very tempting at 50% off! Can you skip the other courses and focus on the once you like?

    1. Hey Stace! You have to go through all the 12 courses first before asking for a repeat of any item/s you like. :) If you dine hungry, it won't be much of a problem. Nagkataon lang, medyo busog na ko when I tried their Teppanyaki Omakase. >.<

  2. Replies
    1. Don't think na, achie Jaz! Go na kayo! Hahaha :D

  3. Abot pa kaya ako until Monday? Th last day of September?

    1. Hi Ms. Joy! The 50% off discount promo is valid until December 2013 as I've posted (as caption) below the promo poster pic, so no worries! ;)

  4. place looks nice,and cozy, and It seems that food here's delish! :)thanks for the review.

  5. The ambiance is very inviting and the food looks great!

  6. Looks like a great resto. I haven't had a good Japanese food in a while.

  7. the place looks inviting,and the food too looks delicious

  8. Food from italian, american into japanese ;) Impressive. Never thought that the place would be that Good.

  9. the place looks grand! i haven't been to greenhills in a long time... will have to search the net for this exact location :) love the idea that you have to finish all 12courses before you can get a second serving on your favorite. am enjoying the photos for now :) looks yummy!!!

    1. Hey Aileen! Wafu is near promenade and beside the big Gloria Maris. :)

  10. Hope the buffet is affordable. ;0

    1. Uhhh.. Price is already posted if you've read the entry. Promo price is P900 as written on the 2nd paragraph below the promo poster.

  11. If I'm not mistaken meron din ata Wafu sa bandang Tomas Morato which is a jeepney ride away from my place. Sana they have the same ambiance because I really would love to try this one.

    1. Hey Angie! WAFU currently has only 1 branch, in Greenhills. Maybe you were referring to WangFu?

  12. Mouth-watering, I'll check this out, pero sayang di naka abot sa 50% off. Pero Go pa rin!

  13. This post made me drool.. the rating makes me think that its a definite must try. And the photos, looks really delicious! thumbs up..

  14. the place looks great and luxurious. And feels like you're really eating in Japan. Im not wondering why they have such a high price..

  15. Sounds delicious but kind of pricey.


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