Frankie's: New York Buffalo Wings at City Golf Plaza

I've always loved chicken, whatever its form. Whether it be fried, baked or roasted, there's no way I'll skip my needed dose of fowl goodness. That's why when I was invited to try out Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings at City Golf Plaza in Pasig City, I knew better not to decline. Really, just who in their right minds would say no to buffalo wings?
Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings at City Golf Plaza

Established in 2012, Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings is the brainchild of a group of friends who are madly in love with authentic buffalo wings. With the goal of sharing the greatness of this fried and sauce-coated chicken treat, I sure found myself as giddy as a little kid upon entering Frankie's chicken haven. Despite being a little small, the place just oozes with young and exciting vibe. It was somehow like an industrial sports bar, rough on the edges but still very cozy -- a perfect hangout place after a tiring day at work.

Trivia: Frankie's got its name not from one of the owners, but from the husband (Frank) of the first person to ever prepare buffalo wings (Teressa Bellissimo) back in 1964.

Table Basketball at Frankie's Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings

With 2 of my friends in tow, Frankie's became the perfect catch-up spot for us who haven't seen each other for quite a while. We chatted the night away reminiscing and venting out frustrations from work and school. But of course, what made us enjoy the catch-up session even more is not just good company, but good food as well. And for the night, I assure you we had aplenty! Just check out Frankie's extensive list of buffalo wing flavors if you don't believe me. We were even told that this list is still growing!

Frankie's Buffalo Wings Menu Frankie's Other Dishes
Click menu photo to enlarge.
Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings currently has 12 buffalo wing flavors on its menu. From these variants, you can opt to order by 1/2 Dozen (P173) or 1 Dozen (P320). You can also go with Boneless (P173) should you want to enjoy your wings fuss-free and more conveniently, or have it Boneless with Rice (P183) for a complete meal.

The Buffalo Wings

Among the 12 buffalo wing flavors, we got to try 5 which came in half dozen each.

Frankie's Classic Buffalo Mild
Frankie's Classic Buffalo - Mild
The first variant we got to try was the Classic Buffalo available in mild or spicy. We had ours in mild, and every bite was an epitome of balance. The chicken skin was crispy, while the meat was juicy and succulent. Flavor-wise, it had just the right salty-savory combination with a hint of kick. It comes with a blue cheese dip for added tang too. If you like your wings hot though, order the spicy since the mild one was indeed subtle.

Hickory BBQ
✓ Hickory BBQ
We then had the Hickory BBQ flavor which was sweet, savory, tangy and smoky. Every bite reminded me of Hickory BBQ ribs , but even better since this is the chicken counterpart. As for the texture, this one isn't as crispy as the Classic Buffalo, as expected from its amount of sauce. Every piece was as tender and as succulent though.

Cheesy Bacon
Cheesy Bacon
Next, we tried one of the newest flavors, the Cheesy Bacon. As the name implies, this serving of wings is coated with sweet, salty and savory cheese sauce and topped with bacon bits. While I found this variant a little too plain and safe for my palate (Bacon lovers, don't hate me! I love bacon too!), I'm sure kids and kids-at-heart will love this.

Garlic Parmesan
✓ Garlic Parmesan
Now, this is my kind of wings! After just one bite off this Garlic Parmesan flavor, my eyes instantly gleamed in awe! This variant just bursts with garlic and Parmesan cheese goodness! My friends and I all agreed that this is really, really good. Actually, it's a tad too flavorful to binge on. I stopped after my 2nd piece, but I tell you, I was sooooo satisfied!

Honey Garlic
✓ Honey Garlic
The last variant we had was the Honey Garlic. Although not as fantabulous as the Garlic Parmesan, I really dig this too. Every bite gives off a harmonious combination of sweet and savory. And since the flavor is far from being overwhelming, I find this the perfect variant to binge on. I think I can eat over a dozen of these without getting taste fatigued!

The Other Dishes

Although Frankie's specializes in buffalo wings, they also carry other dishes to complete the whole American comfort food package.

French Fries (P80)
French Fries (P80)
This serving of chunky fries served with aioli dip is perfect either as a meal starter, or as a side dish. Every piece is fried to a crisp, and has just the right amount of seasoning.

Nachos (P120)
Nachos (P120)
Another great finger food to come with an order of buffalo wings is this serving of nachos drenched in cheese sauce and topped with ground beef. It may be simple and straight-forward, but it's also as enjoyable, especially when dining in groups.

Spaghetti Hungarian Pesto (P190)
Spaghetti Hungarian Pesto (P190)
We also got to try this serving of Spaghetti Hungarian Pesto. Now, I really liked that the pasta was cooked al dente. The Hungarian sausage slices also provided for the needed savor and spice. However, I found the pesto quite lacking. I think this would be a good pasta dish if only the pesto were more potent.

Golden Oreo Cheesecake (P140)
✓ Golden Oreo Cheesecake (P140)
For dessert, we had the Golden Oreo Cheesecake. Although I've had my fair share of cheesecakes, especially Oreo cheesecakes, this was the first time I've had a golden one. Instead of chocolate cookies and cream, this Oreo cheesecake oozes with creamy vanilla flavor which blends nicely with the sweet, tangy and dense cheesecake. I like the texture with every forkful too -- soft and velvety with a nice crunch.


As a chicken lover, I definitely give Frankie's my nod of approval. Every chicken wing variant we had was good on its own right. And with such impressive quality, I'm even more impressed that Frankie's offers their New York Buffalo Wings at affordable and very reasonable prices. And while taste is subjective, I'm sure everyone in the family and in the barkada will find something to love from Frankie's selection of wings. My friends and I got to try 5, 7 more to go! So, see you again soon Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 3.5/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings, City Golf Plaza
G/F City Golf Plaza, Doña Julia Vargas Ave.,
Ortigas, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 687-1250
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. Good to know that there are lots of varieties when it comes to Buffalo Wings and they have different flavors too!

    I wanna try their pasta dish and their Golden Oreo Cheesecake! Damn! I'm a sucker for cheesecakes! wehehe! :D

  2. Looking at the menu makes me go hungry again for more Buffalo Wings. ^_^

  3. My friends and I had already tried Frankie's. But since im not really a fan of spicy food, i requested our NY Buffalo wings to be less spicy. And then we also ordered garlic parmesan so that we could have a break of the spiciness in between. haha! But all in all, the experience was awesome! :)

    1. The Classic Buffalo - Mild is really tamed. I think baliktad kami sa inyo since the mild we were served with was too safe for our spicy food-loving palates. XD

  4. All of them looked insanely delicious! The address though is quite "foreign" to me. I would have to check it via Google Maps and will visit soon! :)

    1. Haha.. I feel you! I don't frequent the area too, but if you know Ortigas Home Depot, City Golf Plaza is just a few blocks away. Along Ortigas Ave. lang so it's easy to spot. :)

  5. Love the name of the resto, I remember Frankenstein :D idk why. You made me hungry again Sumi! My dad was the one who introduced Buffalo wings to me and I like it! The photos here are great and they all look really delicious! I'm craving for Hickory BBQ and Garlic Parmesan plus Cheesecake for dessert <3

    1. Hickory BBQ and Garlic Parmesan are my favorites! Give them a try when you're in the area. I'm sure you'll love Frankie's! :)

  6. omg the Spaghetti Hungarian Pesto and the Honey Garlic wings both look so appetizing!! Might check out this amazing place! ♥♥♥ =)

  7. Oh there is this flavor that they have called Carribean Jerk. Holey Moley. Winner!

    - Ray

    1. We didn't get to try the Carribean Jerk, but I'll make sure to do so on our next trip. Thanks for the reco! ;)

  8. Is this better than flaming wings? The family is not much of a buffalo wings fan but they liked that...

    1. Flaming Wings are more sauce-y and comes with different dips. Personally, I think Frankie's is a totally different take, less sauce-y but still as flavorful. Not too dependent on dips too. I'm not sure if it'll be right up your family's alley, but give it a try! :)

  9. Sumi, you should try the Nagoya Tebasaki flavor too! :)

    1. Will do when I visit again soon. Nagoya Tebasaki actually caught my eye when I saw it on Frankie's menu! :D

  10. Oh my! I'm craving for the Garlic Parmesan one and the Golden Oreo Cheesecake. I think I am going to drag my hubby to try this one out.

    I think their price is just right judging on your review.

  11. Wow! looks delicious. i love the Spaghetti Hungarian Pesto and the Cheesy Bacon Wings. Hope to try it soon..

  12. The Hickory BBQ looks yumm! my hubby would surely love this, he loves chicken bigtime haha! But the place place is too far from us :(

  13. The place looks nice especially the food. I would love to try their Honey Garlic, and 'Golden Oreo Cheese cake, as well. Will definitely give it a try when I pass by Pasig area. Thanks for the review~

  14. Oooh. I didn't know there are different varieties when it comes to buffalo wings :P~ Spaghetti Hungarian Pesto and the Cheesy Bacon Wings ~ to die for. HAHAHA

  15. Haven't been to City Golf in a year or so. After reading this, I think I have a reason to go there. :D Looking forward to try the original and the BBQ wings. Regarding the cheesecake though, if you compare it to the cheesecakes you've already tried, where does this rank for you for your 'all time favorite cheesecake list'?

  16. Wow! i thought the food was expensive! but not! its so affordable!

  17. would like to try all of this written in your hopefully before end of this year i will definitely go to this resto, avid fan of chicken :)

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