The Samsung #GalaxyMega Giveaway Winner!

Hi friends! I know it took quite a while, but we finally have a winner for The Purple Doll's Samsung #GalaxyMega 7-Day Challenge. But first, I'd like to thank Samsung Mobile Philippines for making me part of this wonderful and truly #GalaxyMega campaign.
Galaxy Mega The Purple Doll

I've always been one of those who doesn't mind an outdated phone. As long as I get to call and text, and receive calls and texts, I'm good to go. If not for Instagram, I actually wouldn't mind having a camera-less cellphone at all. However, owning a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 definitely turned me around. I appreciated all the additional features my old phone doesn't have. The 8.0 megapixel camera has been handy, especially when food tripping, and while I was initially so unused to such a ginormous screen, I found it perfect for viewing photos and videos, playing games and surfing the internet.

I also took the Samsung #GalaxyMega 7-Day Challenge and has still been continuing to have my own #GalaxyMega experiences with my new handy phone and multimedia buddy. And of course, I'm glad that many of you guys had taken it with me.

TPD Galaxy Mega Antigravity MeTime TPD Galaxy Mega Cronut
TPD Galaxy Mega Antigravity Yoga TPD Galaxy Mega TokyoTokyo
TPD Galaxy Mega Workout TPD Galaxy Mega Selfie

To everyone who participated in the Samsung #GalaxyMega 7-Day Challenge, thank you! It's so nice to see everyone having a good time, getting creative and sharing enticing food photos. I really enjoyed going through all the entries seeing that many got to be more adventurous when it comes to eating out. There were also a lot who challenged themselves and cooked exciting new dishes that I would've wanted to try. Out of all 117 valid entries, I have to say there were a good number which stood out to me. That's actually why it took some time before this big announcement. Mahirap pala mag-judge!

Samsung Galaxy Mega Duos

But finally, this giveaway now has its needed winner. I've gone back and forth deciding who to pick, but in the end, a particular heart-warming entry with enticing dishes and creative captions won me over. Congratulations...

Albert Roman Santiago

Your love for your wife and her cooking has moved me, and I really appreciate that you've shared not just photos of your wonderful wife's culinary masterpieces, but has shown the world how much you love her and appreciate her (and her cooking, of course).

Again, congratulations to our Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Duos winner!

To everyone who joined, thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this challenge. I hope you had fun, and don't worry 'cause I have more giveaways to come. It's already September, and with my 2nd blog anniversary a month away, I assure you I'm already cooking up something exciting. I'll even have little somethings in between. *wink


  1. :( I lost. Mehehe. Congrats to the winner.

  2. In the event the original winner does not respond to my email (will be sent today at 10PM) in 48 hours, I will be giving the prize to the next person on my shortlist. (I've shortlisted entries that gave me a hard time deciding if they should win.)

  3. Congratulations to the winner!I'm

  4. Wow! Thank you so much Ms. Sumi! It's my bday today and it's actually a great bday gift for me!!! My wife, as well is soooo happy! She was actually screaming when she read your announcement. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!!!

    1. Wow! My announcement is so timely pala! :D Congratulations Albert and happy birthday!

    2. Ms. Sumi, I wonder po if you can post the list of other entries na pinagpilian mo :D

    3. Hi sis Jubilee, sure! I'm actually planning to post the list on the FB page tomorrow. :)

  5. Sir, Happy birthday!! and congrats to you and to your wife!!I lost but I really enjoyed the contest Ms. Sumi and that's the most important part. :) God bless and thank you for giving us a chance to be creative. Hehehe!


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